Instructor Bio

Sensei William Lehner-4.jpg


Born in 1970, Sensei Lehner began his Martial Arts journey in 1984 under the instruction of Dale Kirby in Gallatin, Tn. He earned his Black Belt in 1989.  During his teenage years he competed in multiple tournaments across the South Eastern Region.

In the Fall of 1989, Sensei Lehner joined the U.S. Navy and served our Country. He was stationed in Oakland, Ca. During his time there he met some police and probation officers that studied Kyokushin karate. He worked out with the officers for two years both on base and other locations in the Bay Area.
In September of 93 he was honorably discharged and moved back to Hendersonville.


In October of that year, Sensei Lehner joined Taylor Hayden’s Wado Karate Center in Goodlettsville Tn. Taylor Hayden is the chairman of the board  for USEWKF. Recently Bushido Dojo honored Sensei Hayden for his 50th year as a black belt.

Sensei Lehner has an extensive knowledge on instruction and how to develop students. He has been to several seminars on teaching techniques.

Teaching and developing children into strong moral people has been a focus for Sensei Lehner as he develops himself.  He is honored to have the privilege to instill in our future leaders respect, integrity and self worth.