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Instructor Bio




Born in 1970, Sensei Donaldson began his karate training in the Madison Bushido Dojo of Sensei Melvin Brown in 1996 and has also trained in Aiki-Jutsu. He received his Shodan exam and promotion from Sensei Melvin Brown in 2002. Donaldson often competed in Tennessee Police and Fire games winning gold medals in kumite in several divisions including team kumite against senior ranks.  He also successfully competed in the Annual Federation tournament and local full contact events


In 1993, Donaldson began a law enforcement career as an Officer at the Metro Nashville Police Department and became a member of the Crime Suppression Street Level Enforcement Unit, under the supervision of Sensei Brown. He is certified by the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission as an instructor in numerous specialized courses. Donaldson received numerous awards during his police service including The Police Officer Award (For injuries sustained in line of duty requiring hospitalization for more than four days), the Exemplary Service, Meritorious Service and Efficiency awards and numerous other commendations. He has been recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for his efforts in successfully investigating and prosecuting Organized Crime Organizations.  Donaldson was a nationally recognized Drug Diversion instructor and investigator, provided training for both civilian and military Law Enforcement, the United States Attorney’s office, and served as interim director of the TBI’s Pharmaceutical Diversion Taskforce. Donaldson retired from the Metro Police Department in 2015.

Mr. Donaldson also served as a Special Agent with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, where he again worked with Sensei Brown 2016-2018. He is a graduate of Tennessee State University; B.S Political Science  Master of Science- Public Service Management - Cumberland University. 

Mr. Donaldson is the founder and CEO of Ashara a faith-based community service organization.  Donaldson partnered with Bushido Dojo to provide Wado training for At-risk youth, hosting classes at the dojo and in numerous churches, and received equipment and uniform support from Bushido Dojo.  His family are also Bushido Dojo Karate-ka

Donaldson served as a mortarman in the USMCR and served during Operations Just Cause and Desert Storm.

He is a long time Instructor at Bushido Dojo Joelton and his promotion to YON- DAN (4TH DEGREE) Black Belt effective 9/11/21 by Sensei Melvin S Brown Jr was approved by the UNITED STATES EASTERN WADO RYU KARATE FEDERATION & INTERNATIONAL WADO RYU KARATE DO RENMEI.

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