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Instructor Bio



Sensei Scott Meek started martial arts in 1977 at Bushido Karate School on Gallatin Rd in Madison TN after competing in Jr. High wrestling.  He has a lengthy and diverse successful martial arts competition, instruction, and training history as well as decades of private protective services, training, and investigation. 

He fought in amateur boxing Fight Nights as a brown belt in 1982 and was undefeated. He Received his Shodan July 26 1982 from Senseis Wayne Tyler, Roy Hinkle and Larry Mckee and began teaching the youth class same year.


He was  rated in Spring 1984 in the top ten middleweights in the U.S. as kumite PKS point fighter.  He won the kata championship in 1985 Battle of Nashville.


He operated  DDKS Brentwood until 1991-1995. In 1996 operated Kum Sung TKW and Hapikido schools and received honorary 3rd Degree. Operated  DDKS in early 2000's .Promoted to 5th Dan in 2003 by Sensei  David Deaton. In 2005 joined Master Suzuki's organization and received full proficiency letter from Master Suzuki himself. Opened Karate America in New Johnsonville Tennessee 2006 teaching daily. Became a Class "C" judge Olympic judge WKF/NKF in 2007.  In 2008 received top honors Georgia Karate League .One of ten Wado instructors asked to teach at Wado conference Utah two years in a row.  Competeted in over in over 200 tournaments in kata, kumita and weapons. Was on Sensei  Mike Vanatta’s NKF team three years as coach and competitor and  received awards at Nationals and defeated the top senior 5-2 and was rated all three categories. In 2017 trained  one year in Shotokan karate in Clarksville TN


For decades he had worked as a licensed Private Investigator and teaching self defense, firearms and less lethal weapons to law enforcement and security individuals and groups for last ten years. Has also worked full time as a bodyguard for several  celebrities often months at a time .


He is a long time Instructor at Bushido Dojo Joelton and his promotion to ROKUDAN (6TH DEGREE) Black Belt effective 9/11/21 by Sensei Melvin S Brown Jr was approved by the UNITED STATES EASTERN WADO RYU KARATE FEDERATION & INTERNATIONAL WADO RYU KARATE DO RENMEI.   

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