Instructor Bio

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Mr. Rich began karate in 1974 in 9th grade at Bushido Dojo, Nashville, where he studied under Roy Hinkle, Wayne Tyler and Julia Ledbetter. Mr. Rich participated in many tournaments where he placed in kumite, kata & weapons. Mr. Rich achieved his Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) in 1985.

In 2019, Mr. Rich was awarded Grand Champion trophy for The Ten Competition Tournament. He serves on The Kata Team under the instruction of Sensei Edwards, often performing advanced kata with The Kata Team at the opening of tournaments.

Through the years, Mr. Rich studied under Kazutaka Otsuka, grandson of Master Hironri Otsuka and also under Sensei Takamatsu, 9th Dan, and his son Sergio.

Mr. Rich was promoted by Sensei Melvin Brown to the rank of Yon Dan (4th degree) March 2018, while studying under Sensei Ford, Bushido’s main instructor for 30+ years.

Mr. Rich has been employed by UPS for 42 years. He and his fiancé, Kirin Proctor, a nurse, have served the community as essential front-line workers throughout the pandemic.