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Instructor Bio



U.S.E.W.K.F. 18-29, 30-39 & 40-49 BLACKBELT CHAMPION



Born in 1978, Sensei Brown began martial arts training in 1983 at Bushido Karate School in Inglewood, Tennessee. He was often a member of the Bushido Dojo Black Belt Fighting Team that won the WADO CUP at the Annual United States Eastern Wado Ryu Karate-Do Federation Tournament for five consecutive years. He was a successful competitor as a youth in both kata and kumite. Later, as an adult he successfully competed in the Tennessee Police & Fire Games many times.

He won his first adult black belt championship at the Federation Tournament at age 16 when Sensei Patterson allowed him to compete in the adult division when no junior black belts but him had registered. He has twice won the Nashville, Tennessee TOUGHMAN Competition as well as several other tournaments throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. After numerous toughman and similar boxing tournament championships beginning in 2001, he won the 2006 TOUGHMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the light heavy weight division. He has won numerous amateur MMA events losing only one due to an injury.


He began serving the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in 2003 in various roles including Corrections Officer, Transportation Officer, and Special Operations Response Team. As a member of the Special Operations Response Team, he was deployed to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2011 he joined the Nashville Fire Department as a Firefighter and EMT. Prior to this, he has “worked the door” at several downtown locations providing security for owners and patrons. Throughout his childhood and youth, he was a successful competitor in baseball, football, and wrestling. He serves also as a coach for youth football and baseball. Often, for the past several years he has won the 18-29 & 30-39 & 40-49 year old Black Belt Light Heavyweight Division at the Annual United States Eastern Wado Ryu Federation Tournament.

He is a long time Instructor at Bushido Dojo Joelton and his promotion to ROKUDAN (6TH DEGREE) Black Belt effective 9/11/21 by Sensei Melvin S Brown Jr was approved by the UNITED STATES EASTERN WADO RYU KARATE FEDERATION & INTERNATIONAL WADO RYU KARATE DO RENMEI. 

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