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With a long history rich in heritage and spirit, Bushido Dojo is the direct descendant Dojo of Shihan Cecil T. Patterson's 1961 Bushido School of Judo and Karate.


Our pride as a dojo and as a family lie in continuing Shihan Patterson's teachings, and maintaining, practicing, and reinforcing the value and tradition of classical Wadoryu karate and practical self-defense for adults and children.


To learn more about our Dojo, Wadoryu Karate, Bushido Mixed Martial Arts, our classes and more, use the navigation links on the right.

Domo Arigato,

Internationally Certified Seventh Degree Black Belt





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Wado Ryu Karate

Our Children's Program

Hard work, self-discipline and world-class karate

Our Adult Program

Traditional karate classes for mind, body and spirit.



 Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed Martial Arts training for adults and youth with the sport's best instructors.




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